Stonehenge reveals traces of a much older past

A particularly valuable discovery has turned our knowledge of Stonehenge upside down. On the most researched site in the world, a research group including a few Ghent University students has found traces that are much older than anything that has been excavated so far. We know that there are still secrets to be uncovered from bio-engineer Philippe De Smedt, among other things thanks to soil scans.

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Ghent University Global Campus

Since 2014, Ghent University has a campus in South Korea offering three bachelor programs with a focus on life sciences.


Welcome to Ghent University… in South Korea

A fully-fledged university campus on the other side of the world with a sign at the entrance: ‘Ghent University’. In addition to campuses in Ghent, Merelbeke, Melle, Bruges, Ostend and Kortrijk, Ghent University even has one in ... South Korea. Professor Wesley De Neve has been teaching Korean Ghent University students there for years and also conducts research there.

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“Students here address their lecturers far more directly, we’re just not used to doing things like that in South Korea”

All students from Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) in Incheon, South Korea come to the so-called Home Campus in Ghent for one semester during their study programme. Solha Kang and Eunhey Choi both just finished their exams and are about to return home. We managed to catch up with them right before they hopped on the plane to discuss what they thought of their stay in Belgium.

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Ontdek meer

Academic partnership that builds bridges: 15 years of China Platform

Fifteen years ago, Ghent University decided to actively encourage academic collaboration with China. The China Platform was born. In that time, it has succeeded in fuelling the collaboration between Ghent University and partner universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In fact, the China Platform does considerably more than that. Here’s an overview.

China Platform

Nico Gunzburg changed Ghent University, criminology and a part of the world

He is one of the most defining characters in the history of Ghent University, for reasons which include his remarkable international career: Nico Gunzburg. His name was recently given to a foundation, set up by professors Marc Cools and Christophe Vandeviver. They believe that Gunzburg is the perfect embodiment of what they are keen to achieve with the foundation.

Nico Gunzburg

The first impression: what do international students think about Ghent University

557 international exchange students can call themselves a Ghent University student this semester. They come from 44 countries. Flora, Giorgia and Antonia just arrived and tell what they expect from their semester.

Flora Colling

Top International Researchers Settle in Ghent

At only 32, cognitive psychologist Louisa Bogaerts has already made significant inroads within the international scientific community. She has conducted research in three different parts of the world and now brings her experience back to where her career began, Ghent University.

Louisa Bogaerts