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Is music a drug?


Music connects us, moves us and, as recent research suggests, it can affect our brains in ways similar to psychoactive drugs. But how exactly does that work? And can music really be seen as a drug? Musicologist Edith Van Dyck investigated.

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The doping controls at the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games will again have a Ghent connection. The doping control lab of Ghent University, DoCoLab for short, is sending a team of researchers to Paris to help check many thousands of samples. Peter Van Eenoo, head of the lab, professor and cycling fan, will be part of that team: "We won't have lots of free time, but I do hope to catch some of the cycling (laughs)."

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Ghent University: a pioneer in international cooperation

Ghent University Global Campus

More than ever, universities are the driving force behind international knowledge exchange and cooperation. Ghent University is continually active on the international stage and takes on a pioneering role in that respect. Rector Rik Van de Walle takes us on a fascinating journey through its successful teaching and research initiatives.

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