About Ghent University

Meet the hills of Ghent


From the Sint-Kwintensberg over the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat to the Plateau: we take you over some of the most famous (and trickiest) slopes around Ghent University campuses.

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Language study programmes once again on the rise


Good news for language programmes: enrolment records show that, once again, more students are choosing to study languages, literature and culture at Ghent University. After a number of years of declining interest in the subjects, we seem to have passed a turning point.

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Long live learning: after all, studying does not stop after your studies

levenslang leren

Who knows how your job will look within ten years? More importantly, will your job even exist? In a society that is changing rapidly it is hard to answer such questions. One thing’s for sure: studying does not stop once you have achieved your diploma. For years we were lagging behind in terms of lifelong learning. Fortunately things are now looking more promising.

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Fifteen years ago, Ghent University decided to actively encourage academic collaboration with China. The China Platform was born. In that time, it has succeeded in fuelling the collaboration between Ghent University and partner universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In fact, the China Platform does considerably more than that. Here’s an overview.

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