Our thinking needs daring

Think big, Dare big
08 February 2023 |

Everything starts with thought. This is something we've been saying for years – the credo of Ghent University is ‘Dare to Think’. But that’s only half the job. Now more than ever, our thinking needs daring. Full of courage, hope, idealism. Ghent University encourages everyone to take the step from thinking to daring and doing.

Thinking is only half the job

We live in challenging times. The prevailing mechanisms and thought patterns are being questioned more than ever. Society, including its many young people, has been awakened by major social issues such as the rising cost of living, climate change, etc. But thinking is only half the job. More than ever there is a need to do something.

We are therefore launching a plea for people to be more daring. Driven by courage. Hope. Idealism. And a healthy dose of contrariness.

Ghent University is temporarily changing its credo from ‘Dare to Think’ to ‘To Think is to Dare’.

Inside and outside the university

Ghent University is a haven for courageous thinkers. We primarily want to use this symbolic action to invite our students, staff and alumni to turn critical thinking into critical action.

But we also want to encourage everyone to go beyond that: we want them to show a healthy dose of courage in order to help society grow. We will be bringing this message to the streets, our campuses and social media from 13 February.

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Be inspired at the alumni day

Thinking and daring, your whole life long. On Sunday 26 March Ghent University invites all graduates to the very first Ghent University alumni day. It promises to be a day not to be missed for all Ghent University alumni and their family and friends.

Come and soak up the atmosphere in your old auditorium, take a lesson from your favourite professor, follow a workshop with well-known alumni, or participate in one of the family or children’s activities.

We would also like to inspire you to to take the step from thinking to daring and doing, including live tips from psychologist and dean, Ann Buysse, and technology entrepreneur and author, Peter Hinssen.

Some highlights from the programme:

  • Catherine De Bolle (Ghent University alumnus 2023 and head of Europol) talks about the challenging fight against cybercrime
  • Do you have to put on fresh underpants every day? Do men feel sicker more quickly than women? Our panel of scientists provide scientific answers to all your questions
  • Follow a skateboard workshop with an Olympic skateboarder (and Ghent University student) Lore Bruggeman
  • Well-known people from Ghent University such as Rika Ponnet and Walter Van Steenbrugge share their most important insight in 10 minutes
  • Make your own in-vitro plant, hand cream or kombucha art with your children

In any case, prepare yourself for a healthy dose of nostalgia! Includes the legendary spaghetti from student restaurant De Brug for the fans. See the full programme at alumnidag.ugent.be.