2022: Ghent University in 12 images

21 December 2022 |

The world did not stand still in 2022. Definitely not at our university. Take a look back at some remarkable moments from last year.

JANUARY: Ghent University Global Campus in South Korea hits the 500-student milestone

Ghent University Global Campus

Our campus in South Korea reached the 500-student milestone this year. At the Ghent University Global Campus we offer three programmes in life sciences. Students from South Korea also come to Ghent to study for a semester during their studies.

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FEBRUARY: Ukrainian refugee becomes beekeeper at Ghent University

Olexiy Lyamtsev

Olexiy Lyamtsev is one of many Ukrainians fleeing the war that broke out in his country in February: "We hesitated for a long time, but when the war zone expanded to the outskirts of our city, we decided that we owed it to our children to flee the country." At the moment Olexiy works as a beekeeper at Ghent University.

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MARCH: New expo PHALLUS. Norm & Vorm. in GUM (Ghent University Museum)

Phallus. Norm & vorm.

The penis is everywhere: in ancient cave paintings, on toilet doors, in dick pics, and the phallus is also pretty popular in science and art. Why do female genitals deserve less attention, also in scientific investigations? This is the subject of the new exhibition at the GUM (Ghent University Museum). 

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APRIL: Alumnus Dirk Frimout was the first Belgian astronaut 30 years ago

Dirk Frimout

Thirty years ago, Ghent University alumnus Dirk Frimout was the very first Belgian to go to space. For our alumni magazine, he went even further back in time and wrote a letter to his 17-year-old self who was just about to study at our university.


MAY: Stonehenge reveals traces of a much older past


A particularly valuable discovery has turned our knowledge of Stonehenge upside down. On the most researched site in the world, a research group including a few Ghent University researchers has found traces that are much older than anything that has been excavated so far. “We have discovered unprecedented prehistoric traces in Stonehenge”, according to Philippe De Smedt.


JUNE: Steven Van Gucht is the first Ghent University alumnus of the year

Steven Van Gucht

He has played an incredibly important role in fighting the corona pandemic and makes regular appearances in the media. And on top of that, Steven Van Gucht can now claim the title of the very first ‘Ghent University alumnus of the year’.


JULY: Students race with self-built electric car

UGent Racing

In the summer of 2022, Ghent University students took to the Formula Student competition, a series of competitions for engineering students from all over the world, with their self-built electric racing car. What started as a lockdown project by a few engineering students has grown into an ambitious multidisciplinary venture: UGent Racing.


AUGUST: Here’s how to protect your four-legged friend from the heat


2022 brought us a hot and dry summer. Not only for humans, but also for animals, the high temperatures pose a challenge. Here’s how to protect your four-legged friend from the heat.

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SEPTEMBER: New research facility to combat viruses

VIB (c) Ine Dehandschutter

Every day, professor Xavier Saelens and his team work on new and improved vaccines and medicines to counter flu and corona viruses. Recently, they’ve been doing their work in a new research facility. “Our primary goal: to help patients.”

OCTOBER: International recognition for Marleen Temmerman

Marleen Temmerman

Marleen Temmerman has long been recognised as a global authority on the subject of women’s rights and -healthcare, due to her unwavering fight to promote them. Now, she has been elected a brand-new member of the National Academy of Medicine in further recognition of outstanding achievements.


NOVEMBER: Language study programmes once again on the rise


Good news for language programmes: enrolment records show that more students are choosing to study languages, literature and culture at Ghent University, after a number of years of declining interest in the subjects.


DECEMBER: Role model project wins Young & Wise award


Motivate young people in secondary schools to continue studying. That, in a nutshell, is the mission of the students of the role model project. An award-winning formula that won the Jong & Wijs award of the city of Ghent in December. We talked to a few role models to hear their stories.