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Helping out with vaccinations is the new sought-after activity among students. More than 300 of them have signed up via 25 different student associations as volunteers for the vaccination center at Flanders Expo. Four students explain how they are helping to steer the vaccination of 1600 people a day in the right direction.

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The academic year 2020-2021: Libraries and study locations

The academic year 2020-2021: Sport and leisure

The academic year 2020-2021: Online and offline classes


The corona virus continues to rule our lives and activities. What does science say?

Corona virus

Four ways to counter vaccine skeptics

Ghent University’s Motivation Barometer suggests that two out of ten Belgians are sceptical about the corona vaccines. Philosopher of science and researcher at Ghent University Massimiliano Simons and moral philosopher Brecht Decoene, two specialists in conspiracy thinking and anti-vaxxers, explain how to counter this doubt and opposition.

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Ilse Derluyn

How Ghent University’s study on corona and refugees became a WHO report

The corona crisis is having a major negative impact on the most vulnerable refugees, according to a study by the World Health Organization published last Friday, on the International Day of Migrants. It was researchers from Ghent University and the University of Copenhagen that developed this report. “We are very happy that the WHO chose to run with our study. In this way our work can have worldwide resonance.”

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