Students take over GUM during Museum Night


The Ghent University Museum has a group of engaged students from different study programmes who volunteer to help with the museum's operations. We spoke to Gabriella, Maxime and Evelyne about how they support the GUM and Museum Night.

During that Museum Night, visitors can discover art and heritage in all its forms in several museums in Ghent. At GUM & Plantentuin, too, it will be another edition with some surprises: a night full of science, doubt & art. The MuST (Museum Student Team) infiltrates the museum with 'questionable' interventions.


Maxime: “It's going to be crazy”

"I am in my first undergraduate degree in biochemistry and biotechnology. Since this year I am also a MuST'er. One of the new recruits. I’m going to start the training programme to become a guide in the GUM. This process takes quite some time. First we have to get to know all the objects in the museum and there are a lot of them (laughs). I hope to start working as a guide by next academic year."

"The Museum Night will not be an average GUM experience. We have thought out an activation in which we will make playful predictions about the future in a (un)scientifically way: MuST Know(s your future). It's going to be something crazy and completely different."


Gabriella: "We are involved from brainstorm to implementation"

“This will be my first Museum Night as a MuST'er. I'm really enjoying it. We are a diverse group, all from different fields of study. I am studying art sciences and because of the diversity of students, I already learned a lot not only from our activities but also from my fellow MuST'ers."

"Most recently, we have been busy preparing for Museum Night. We get to do a lot: from brainstorming to the implementation of an idea. During the Museum Night, you will find me at the dance karaoke: MuST Dance. I especially want to see the water wishes in the greenhouse of the Botanic Garden that night. That's going to be visually very beautiful.”


Evelyn: "We are applying for an official alumni association"

“I'm in XMuST, our new alumni chapter and I also coach our student team. From the moment you graduate or turn 26, you can no longer be a MuST'er. In recent years, the group of students who had to say goodbye to the MuST was growing. However, the urge to be actively involved in the GUM remained. This is how XMuST came into being. We are applying for an alumni association at Ghent University."

"I am still studying (Master of Science in Conflict and Development Studies) but I am already 26 years old. I am very excited that I can continue to support the museum in this way. On Museum Night, we will organise our first major activity: a TWIJFELBA(A)R in the Palmarium. People can come for a hot drink and, meanwhile, doubt about the propositions we provide. As a conversation starter or icebreaker. For example: can you measure love?"

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