Soft drink machine 2.0: no cans, healthy and conceived by students


Might soft drinks’ machines with no cans soon become the norm? That’s certainly what a few student entrepreneurs are planning. They’ve developed an ecological and healthy drinks machine where you can fill your reusable-drinking bottle with soft drinks. One of the creators is Colin Deblonde, a young entrepreneur who studies applied economics at Ghent University.

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One master, many directions: archeology

Caroline Landsheere

Three alumni look back at their time in education and the road they eventually chose. In effect, even though they started on the same path, it took them to different places. Caroline Landsheere, Anja Goethals and Bas Bogaerts all studied archaeology. The passion for the past is still there, even though it doesn’t play as big a role as before for each of them.

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Two different views on biotechnology

Geert De Jaeger en Dirk Holemans

Modern biotechnology in agriculture is a much-discussed topic. Geert De Jaeger is both a professor at UGent and a plant biologist. Ghent University alumni Dirk Holemans is a coordinator of the social-economic thinktank Oikos and a former politician for Groen – the Flemish green party. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to the use of modern biotechnology in agriculture. This leads to a lively debate with the most important conclusion being that: they agree to disagree.

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