Soon no one will be allowed to keep our data (and that's not good news)


The tension between privacy law and criminal law is a ticking time bomb. Under pressure from Europe, the legislative framework related to which communication data companies are allowed to retain about us is threatening to collapse. In other words: without that framework, data retention becomes impossible. A good thing for our privacy, but at the same time “we are heading for an unmitigated disaster”, says Professor Gert Vermeulen, professor of international criminal and privacy law.

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One master, many directions: law

Benjamin Dalle

Three alumni look back on their education and the direction they followed. Even though they started on the same road, it ultimately led to other places. Benjamin Dalle, Yasmina El Kaddouri, and Gillis Ooghe all studied law at Ghent University. All three defend interests, albeit from a different angle.

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