The first impression: what do international students think about Ghent University

10 February 2022 |

557 international exchange students can call themselves a Ghent University student this semester. They come from 44 countries. Flora, Giorgia and Antonia tell us what they expect from their semester.

Flora Colling

Flora: "I'm just sure it will be a great experience"

“I am an exchange student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. I chose Ghent University because of the city of Ghent. And because the university scores well on the Shanghai Ranking every year. We have only just arrived, but I can already see that Ghent is incredibly beautiful. The people always seem to be smiling (laughs). Only the weather I find a bit less. I come from the south of France, so I have to get used to the temperature. I actually have no expectations for the semester because I'm just sure it will be a great experience (laughs). “

Giorgia: "I want to improve my English this semester above all"

"You will find me this semester mainly in the laboratories of the Faculty of Science. My choice of Ghent University was co-directed by one of my professors who has a partnership with the faculty. He literally sent me here (laughs). I am from Italy, more specifically Milan. Ghent is so different. The illuminated buildings at night are beautiful. My main goal this semester is to improve my English, learn new skills in the lab, and I hope to have fun (laughs)."


Antonio: "Above all, I hope that this experience abroad will be a good stepping stone for my career"

“I am from Palermo, also Italy but that is a coincidence because we met just a minute ago (laughs). I am studying medical biotechnology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It's my second, so my last master year. I have already studied abroad for a semester, more specifically in Portugal. But I wanted to complete my study experience and study a semester in a totally different, less Mediterranean environment. That is why I chose Ghent University. I heard only good things about this university. That, combined with the pictures I saw online of the City of Ghent convinced me. And the city is really great, so much more than I expected. Most of all, I hope that this experience abroad will be a good stepping stone for my career. And of course I also hope to meet a lot of people and have a great time (laughs)."


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