Do you know this place at Ghent University?

28 February 2022 |

Do you recognise this Ghent University location? One of the many doors that the university offers. Maybe you can deduce something from the lion's head? Or is it the weathered blue stone that gives it away? The checkerboard motif?


This detail photo takes us to Jozef Plateaustraat. To the left door of the Plateau, to be precise.


The Rozier-Plateau building complex has recently become part of the Boekentoren Campus. The complex is an amalgam of departments from the faculties of Arts and Philosophy and Engineering and Architecture. You can even find a stray biologist in the cellars.

Fun fact about the Plateau is that it opened in 1891 as the Institute of Sciences. A large complex for the science faculty on the one hand (entrance Rozier) and the civil engineers on the other hand (entrance Jozef Plateaustraat). On the façade in Plateaustraat, four allegories of the then study areas of the engineers can still be seen: Bridges and Roads, Civil Engineering, Arts and Crafts and Architecture.

The neoclassical complex is currently undergoing a thorough renovation for which 6 million euros were granted by the Flemish government.

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Do you know this place at Ghent University?

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