GUM paints iconic Graffiti Street white

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Snow white. That is what Ghent’s iconic Graffiti Street looked like for a while today. Together with Ghent street artists, the GUM (Ghent University Museum) painted this narrow street white as a tribute to the blank page.

With the whitewashed Graffiti Street, the new science museum wants to invite everyone to look at the blank page as a starting point for new ideas, a place to rethink and challenge ideas and maybe even to throw them away afterwards.

‘Sometimes you have to start with a blank sheet to come up with new insights. Welcome inside the head of the scientist.’ With that message, Ghent University and the GUM (Ghent University Museum) simultaneously published an empty book and coloured their social media accounts white.

Science is a journey of trial and error, doubt and imagination. The cliché of the brilliant professor or the lone genius? That is nothing but a myth.

“Science is fragile and that is what makes it so beautiful. In our new museum, you can track the turbulent journey of the scientist. He or she starts with a blank page and finds an answer through trial and error - or not,” says Marjan Doom, director of the GUM. “We hope that new ideas and images will quickly find a place in our blank pages and in the Graffiti Street. They, in turn, are the beginning of a new story.”

"The activities are an invitation to ‘Dare to Think’. Every blank page, every new page, can lead to a new insight. This way, we can move from truth to truth. Everyone can experience this journey in the GUM."
Marjan Doom - director of the GUM
Marjan Doom

Starting from October 3rd, the GUM is finally opening its doors. Come by for a visit and be the first to discover all the objects.

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