What does a student from South Korea think about Ghent?

Eunji Jang

Every year a group of Ghent University Global Campus students from South Korea come to Ghent to take classes at the so-called home campus for a semester. Eunji Jang (24) is one of them and talks enthusiastically about her experience.

How many students from Ghent University Global Campus are here at the moment?

“I think there are about 45 students from South Korea here this semester. It's a great plus to our programme that we can study in both countries."

"I study food technology myself, but it is compulsory for every course at Ghent University Global Campus to go to the home campus in Ghent in the final year. It was definitely one of the reasons why I enrolled at this university. But the main reason was that Ghent University is known worldwide as a prestigious university in the field of biosciences. I also like the focus on research.”

What was your first impression of Ghent?

"I have travelled around Europe before, but this city is even more beautiful than I expected. It feels like I've landed in a fairy tale. I am a fan of the friendly people, the delicious food and the architecture. My favourite spot is the Leie at Sint-Michiels Bridge. When I sit there and look at the water, all my worries disappear."

What was the most surprising?

"How big Ghent University is. In South Korea, there is only one campus and all the buildings are organized close together. But here in Ghent, there are so many different university buildings and campuses. Our student home is a 45-minute walk from campus Coupure where I have classes. Luckily, I have a bike."

Are classes here different from those in South Korea?

"Not really, because the teaching at Ghent University Global Campus is similar to that at Ghent University home campus. Many of our professors are also the same. However, there is a big difference between Ghent University Global Campus and other South Korean universities. In South Korea, everyone studies very hard to get into a university, but after that student life gets easier. My friends from other universities in South Korea therefore don't understand why I study so hard at Ghent University (laughs)."

How do you like the student life in Ghent?

“The Overpoort was a whole new experience for me. Students in South Korea also drink alcohol, but often just at a table without music or anything. Here, there is much more to do. I can dance, bowl, play billiards... I also went to the Student Kick-Off on Sint-Pietersplein at the beginning of the academic year. Student life is more fun here!"

Do you plan to come back to Ghent in the future?

"Maybe. Until the beginning of this semester, I was planning to look for a job after my graduation at Ghent University Global Campus. But now I would like to complete my master's programme in Ghent. So maybe you will see me back soon."

About Ghent University Global Campus

Since 2014, Ghent University runs a South Korean campus, which offers three study programmes with a focus on life sciences and biotechnology. In 2022, there were over 500 actively enrolled students for the first time. GUGC students come to Ghent to study during the first semester of their final year. Additionally, a growing number of bachelor students from Ghent are starting to come to Incheon for an exchange programme. Due to it being a research hub for Ghent University in the region, GUGC functions as a go-between for Ghent University-affiliated researchers, local institutions and private companies, which makes it a place with a lot of potential for students on the lookout for interesting research opportunities during their study programme.

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