These students prefer tea to beer

20 April 2023 |

Ghent student life has a rich tradition. Among the more than 100 associations in our city, there are also some unique ones. Moeder Theepot, for instance, has been bringing student tea lovers together for 10 years.

Moeder Theepot

Praeses Vincent De Wilde (right) and vice-praes Sara Van Tilborgh (left) talk about what makes Moeder Theepot so unique.

Why did you become a member of Moeder Theepot?

Sara: I don't drink alcohol myself, but I wanted to be in a student union. I already got to know Moeder Theepot during high school, so as soon as it was possible I joined. Meanwhile, I have advanced to vice-praeses."

How did it all start?

Vincent: "Moeder Theepot was founded 10 years ago by four students who found an alternative to the traditional cantus in tea parties. In the beginning, just a few students were curious about our association. We were also once on the Flemish tv-show 'Iedereen Beroemd' after which many members joined. We are almost 300 now"

What sort of students are members of Mother Teapot?

Sara: "We are a student association where all students from Ghent are welcome. To keep the threshold as low as possible, we also don't organize baptisms. It's something that puts some students off and that's why we don't do it."

Vincent: "It's not that we're against baptisms, but we don't really think it's necessary."

Sara: "You shouldn't be a tea extremist either. We also have members who like to go out at the typical cafés, but they then just come and have a piece of cake with us before."

What sort of activities do you organize?

Sara: "Our fortnightly tea parties are of course our highlights. We also provide different cakes each time. We also organize a quiz and a tea cantus every year. In that cantus, we sing the typical cantus songs, but there is also room for children songs."

How will you celebrate 10 years of Moeder Theepot?

Vincent: "We have a whole week of celebrations planned from 24 April, including a gala ball, a city game and a concert."

Sara: "There will also be a bouncy castle and a ball pool in the Therminal student house. As our association is turning 10, we would like to make it a children's party." (laughs)

Moeder Theepot

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